4 Dental Tips to Make Your Smile Healthier

4 Dental Tips to Make Your Smile Healthier

Everyone deserves a healthy mouth, but unfortunately, not everyone is following a great oral health routine to achieve that. Our Waco TX dental office believes in providing every patient with elite dental services AND educating people about what it takes to maintain a healthy smile.

Hillcrest Dental Care has a skilled team that handle all aspect of your general dentistry care along with dental restorations. You can start your treatment by calling us today or using the online form to schedule an appointment. Today we’d like to share 4 dental tips that can make your smile better. You might have heard some of these before, but we also want to provide a few supporting facts.

1. Don’t skip the floss

We know that you’ve heard this advice from the dentist better — or even your parents. But it’s worth repeating. A recent study from the American Dental Association found that only about 4 and 10 Americans floss regularly. That means a huge number of Americans aren’t following basic oral hygiene advice from the experts. Consider this fact: about 35 percent of the tooth is located beneath the gum line. Flossing is perhaps the best way to clean the area beneath the gum line. If you’re not flossing, you’re not cleaning a big area of the tooth. So, the next time you want to skip flossing, you’re only cleaning about 65 percent of your mouth.

2. Brush longer, not harder

We dentists ask patients to brush their teeth twice a day. In many cases, patients have a tendency to vigorously scrub their teeth. You don’t need to scrub your teeth hard in order to clean the mouth effectively. In fact, heavy brushing can cause problems like gum recession. Plaque and bacteria are actually soft and easily removed. Instead of brushing hard, try brushing a little longer. We recommend that you brush your teeth for about two minutes at a time and reach every corner of your mouth, while simulating the gums.

3. Visit the dentist twice a year

You need to visit the dentist about once every six months. Regular dental cleanings and exams are a great chance for your dentist to review the health of your mouth. During our dental cleanings, we’ll review plaque and tartar buildup and then polish the teeth to make it harder for plaque and harmful substances to stick to the area of the tooth. The assessments are important because we can catch and treat small issues before they develop into larger, more expensive problems. Our dental exams include high-technology:

  • Using digital X-rays
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Laser cavity finders to find the slightest hint of tooth decay.

Don’t let infections linger

Sometimes patients visit the dentist and hear their dental problems but fail to follow up. For many people, it’s hard to hear that you need any type of dental work, but it’s best to correct the issue ASAP. A simple filling can quickly turn into a larger issue. The big problems with issues like gum disease and dental decay is that an infection is present, and Infections love to spread. One month the dental problem might be isolated in your mouth, but if left untreated, that problems can spread.

Here are a few facts about dental infections that you shouldn’t ignore:

  • About 92 percent of Americans will have tooth decay
  • Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults
  • The early stages of gum disease are curable, but the most advanced form of gum disease — called periodontitis — isn’t curable. You’ll need dental care and maintenance for the rest of your life.
  • Gum disease also is connected to serious illnesses like heart disease and diabetes
  • About 50 percent of Americans 30 and older will deal with gum disease
  • The risk of gum disease goes up as you age. About 75 percent of Americans 65 and older have gum disease

We hope that you learned a little from these 4 dental tips. There is a lot of ground to cover when it comes to your dental needs. We’d love to chat a little about your dental goals. So give us a call today or use the online form to schedule a visit.