Same-Day Smile: The Most Exciting Thing In Dentistry! [VIDEO]

According to your Waco, TX dentist, same-day smile is the most exciting procedure in modern dentistry! Here’s Dr. Thrasher of Hillcrest Dental Care explaining how you could change your life in a single visit with this advanced dental solution! Are you tired of waiting to have the healthy, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted? Then ...

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Can Our Sleep Apnea Solutions Give You Silent Nights? [QUIZ]

Are you too exhausted lately to get into the spirit of the season? Is your loud snoring keeping your family up at night? Take today’s quiz to see if you should visit Hillcrest Dental Care in Waco, TX for sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment. With a custom oral appliance, you could have more silent, restful nights and a more enjoyable ...

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Teeth Whitening Is A Great Gift To Yourself! [VIDEO]

If you haven’t put yourself on the holiday shopping list this year, our team at Hillcrest Dental Care has the perfect gift in mind. Get teeth whitening treatment in Waco, TX for a bright, beautiful smile this season! Here’s Dr. Thrasher explaining some of your teeth whitening options. Schedule your treatment before the holidays are ...

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A Smile Makeover Will Give You A Great Smile

For some people, dissatisfaction with their smiles goes beyond simple solutions. If you have complex smile together with other dental issues, consider a Smile Makeover from Dr. Michael Thrasher at Hillcrest Dental Care in Waco, TX. You can have a great smile and your healthiest mouth. A Comprehensive Solution It’s fairly common for people with ...

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It’s Time To Use ALL Your Dental Insurance Benefits

It’s that time of year again. Your dental insurance benefits for 2018 almost certainly expire on January 1. It’s not too late to take full advantage of the dental insurance benefits you pay for. At HIllcrest Dental Care in Waco, TX, we’ll help you and your family use your insurance to get the maximum benefit for you and your family. You Pay ...

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Should You “Brush Up” On Oral Hygiene Facts? [QUIZ]

Earlier this month, we told you about National Flossing Day and how our team at Hillcrest Dental Care will support you in the fight against gum disease. Today, as we inch closer to this celebration of dental health, you can take our quiz to see if you might need to “brush up”  on facts about good oral hygiene and other healthy smile ...

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We Can Help With Your Dental Anxiety

If the idea of having dental work done makes you shudder or even panic, it might help to know that tens of millions of people in the United States feel the same way. Fear of the dentist, or dental anxiety, is extremely common. At Hillcrest Dental Care in Waco, TX we understand dental anxiety which is why we’re proud to offer dental sedation to ...

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Treat Gum Disease Before It Progresses! [VIDEO]

Our team at Hillcrest Dental Care wants great oral health to be one of your many blessings. That’s why we want to share a special message with you from Dr. Thrasher! Every year, the day after Thanksgiving is National Flossing Day, and flossing is such an important part of gum disease prevention. In today’s video, you’ll hear about ...

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Deal With Your Chewing Problem Before Thanksgiving! [VIDEO]

Do you really want to sit down to Thanksgiving dinner with the same pesky chewing problem you’ve been struggling with lately? Of course, not! With restorative dentistry at Hillcrest Dental Care, you won’t have to! In today’s video, Dr. Thrasher explains our approach to helping a patient who’s having a hard time chewing so we can ...

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Sleep Easier By Treating Your Sleep Apnea

You wish your snoring wasn’t a problem, but you realize it is. How? It’s the looks you get from your family in the morning. Your spouse has complained about your snoring for months, maybe even years. What neither of you may realize is that your snoring could indicate a bigger problem. You may have a sleep disorder called obstructive sleep ...

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