Common (And Not-So-Common!) Causes Of Bad Breath [BLOG]

Dental problems, like cavities, damaged teeth, and gum disease, can all have a negative effect on your smile. And that negative effect is often embarrassment. But just as embarrassing a consequence of dental problems is bad breath! It’s not exactly something that will draw people to you. Quite the opposite, in fact. With the right ...

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How Restorative Dentistry Changed This Patient’s Life! [VIDEO]

Hector’s dental problems were holding him back from the life he deserved. So one day, he finally decided to do something about it! Now, Hector no longer hides his smile thanks to restorative dentistry at Hillcrest Dental Care. Hear him talk more about his life-changing journey with our highly-skilled team! Call our Waco, TX dental ...

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Could Dental Implants Solve Your Smile Problems? [QUIZ]

If you’ve lost one or more teeth, you have an important decision to make that will have lasting ramifications to your health and your appearance. It’s how you choose to replace missing teeth, and our team at Hillcrest Dental Care wants to help you find the solution that will render the best long-term outcome for you. With our ...

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Hear About Our Advanced TMJ Treatment! [VIDEO]

Chronic pain caused by TMJ disorder and teeth grinding will, undoubtedly, distract you from enjoying your time with the people you love. The frequent headaches, migraines, and other uncomfortable symptoms rob you of the quality of life you deserve. But there’s help at Hillcrest Dental Care in Waco, TX! Listen to Dr. Thrasher explain ...

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Dentures & Dental Implants: The Pros and Cons

Missing teeth or failing teeth can take a major toll on your body and appearance. No one wants to have major gaps in their smile, and so our Waco TX dental office is offering elite tooth replacement options. Hillcrest Dental Care is ready to meet your smile goals and restore function back to your mouth. If you have several failing or missing ...

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Dental Cleanings & Exams: The First Step To A Better Smile [VIDEO]

When you’ve dealt with complications of poor oral health, there’s only one true way to overcome it. That’s with high-quality, comprehensive dental care at the hands of an experienced dentist. Dr. Thrasher at Hillcrest Dental Care can help you take the first step toward a better smile with a dental cleaning and exam in Waco, ...

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Can A Dental Crown Help My Smile? [QUIZ]

Of all the ways dentistry has evolved in recent years, one of the most significant innovations that has improved the patient experience is same-day dental crowns! At Hillcrest Dental Care, you can repair or replace teeth in as little as one visit to our Waco, TX office. Can a dental crown help your smile look, feel, and function better? ...

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Stop Waiting & Start Smiling With Same-Day Smile! [VIDEO]

Even one day is too long to spend with damaged or missing teeth. That’s because you deserve to feel confident about your smile, enjoy full function of your teeth, and have a healthy mouth overall. We can help you have it all with our various same-day smile solutions at Hillcrest Dental Care! Learn more by checking out today’s video ...

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4 Dental Tips to Make Your Smile Healthier

Everyone deserves a healthy mouth, but unfortunately, not everyone is following a great oral health routine to achieve that. Our Waco TX dental office believes in providing every patient with elite dental services AND educating people about what it takes to maintain a healthy smile. Hillcrest Dental Care has a skilled team that handle all ...

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Signs And Treatments for Gum Disease

There is a big dental problem sweeping across America that needs more attention from people everywhere. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults and is linked to serious medical problems like heart disease and even diabetes. Hillcrest Dental Care is a leading Waco TX dental office, and our dental professionals are trained in ...

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