Ease Your Mind With Pain-Free, Sedation Dentistry

Take a deep breath.

We know that going to the dentist can be difficult for some people. Many people feel nervous about cleanings, while others are fearful of sitting in a dentist chair.

At Hillcrest Dental Care, we understand that dental anxiety is real. We also have helped countless patients either find a way to manage those feelings, so they can get the oral care they need.

If you can’t remember the last time you visited any dentist, we encourage you to call our Waco, TX office at 254-400-2868. We would be happy to answer your questions about our compassionate approach toward all our patients and our gentle approach to dental care.


Judgment-Free Office

Many people feel the same way about going to the dentist as they did about getting called into the principal’s office as a child. There may be a reason for that.

Many patients have told us that their childhood dentists were very critical of any cavities or other problems they may have had. If that’s the only kind of dentist you ever had, you may believe all dentists are that way.

That is not how we treat our patients at Hillcrest Dental Care. Our team will not shame you if you have a cavity. More than 90 percent of people develop cavities at one time or another, after all.

Instead, our focus is seeing where you are. Then, we want to work with you to improve or maintain your oral health.

We are here to support you, not make you feel worse.


Pain-Free Dentistry

Fear of pain is another big issue for a lot of patients. Depending on when you grew up, you may not have had the benefit of many of the modern techniques we use in our practice.

As a result, you may have had some painful experiences when you were younger. Understandably, this could make you hesitant to return to a dental chair even if it would be good for your oral health.

For 25 years, we have been a pioneer in pain-free dental care in central Texas. Many patients actually seek us out because our extensive experience providing dental sedation.

Sedation helps in a number of ways, but the top thing for many people is that it prevents you from feeling pain. Whether you choose inhaled sedation (laughing gas) or oral sedation (a dose of medication), you can trust that you won’t feel anything during your cleaning or other care.


Be Our Guest

When patients visit Hillcrest Dental Care, we want them to feel like welcome guests. We have created a relaxing atmosphere at our office. This includes a number of options to help patients feel more comfortable during their time with us.

Take a seat in one of our massage chairs. We’ll be happy to bring you a blanket to feel cozy and warm or a pillow so you can feel more comfortable.

To learn more about us or to request an appointment, either fill out our online form or call 254-400-2868 today. Be sure to let us know if you are interested in our sedation options.

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