Healthy Gums Makes for Healthier Smiles

Root Canals 2 in Waco, TX by Dr. Michael Thrasher of Hillcrest Dental Care

You want to keep all your teeth, right?

Then, you need to take care of your gums, too.

Periodontal disease or gum disease is the top cause of tooth loss in the United States. We hope you never let a gum infection get to that point.

It’s why we encourage you to brush and floss daily, and it’s why we hope you will make regular appointments at Hillcrest Dental Care. Prevention is the best approach to good oral health (including gum health), but early detection can make your gum disease treatment more effective as well.

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How It Begins

The harmful bacteria that cause gum disease are already in your mouth. That’s always the case. It’s easier to avoid gum disease if you have strong oral hygiene habits (brushing twice daily, flossing every day). Your risk is also lower if you don’t have diabetes, don’t smoke or use smokeless tobacco products, and don’t clench or grind your teeth.

Nevertheless, as much as 80 percent of the US population will develop some form of gum disease. The mild form of this infection is called gingivitis. Its symptoms include:

  • Gums that bleed when you brush or floss
  • Reddish gum
  • Gums that appear swollen

Healthy gums should look pink and feel firm to the touch. Often you can reverse gingivitis by improving your daily hygiene routine and scheduling an appointment with us. With a procedure called scaling and root planing, we can give your mouth a deep cleaning that may be enough to clear the infection.

You may have noticed that there is nothing about pain or sore gums. That usually doesn’t occur until you have advanced gum disease (periodontitis) if it happens at all. Our point is this: don’t wait for your gums to hurt before you get help.

Getting Rid of the Infection

If you’ve seen any science fiction movies or superhero films, then you are probably familiar with people using lasers to fight the bad guys. In dental care, bacteria are the bad guys.

While our tools aren’t quite as the ones in the movies, they are real, and they work great. Because of our laser dentistry, most patients can avoid the need for oral surgery to get rid of their gum infections.

With a dental laser, we can “zap” the infected tissue and practically instantly seal the remaining healthy tissue nearby. This reduces bleeding, can eliminate the need for stitches in most cases, and allows you to recover more quickly compared to someone who did have oral surgery.

You deserve to have a healthy smile. You also deserve to treat gum disease in the least invasive and most effective way possible.

Save Your Smile

Don’t let gum disease get out of hand.

Do what you already know that you should — brush and floss daily and get regular cleanings at Hillcrest Dental Care. To request an appointment to treat or to prevent gum disease, call 254-400-2868 on contact us online. Do it today to protect your smile for many tomorrows.

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