How to Choose the Best Halloween Candy For Your Bucket [Blog]

Pediatric Dentistry 2 in Waco, TX by Dr. Michael Thrasher of Hillcrest Dental Care

According to the calendar, fall is officially here. With the first day of October under our belts, it’s time to begin thinking about the last day of the month: Halloween. Whether you want to believe it or not, a quick trip through any of the local stores close to our Waco, TX dentist office will tell you that it’s time to carve the pumpkin, put up the scary decor, and watch for good deals on big bags of candy.

Even if you are not taking a child out to trick-or-treat this year, candy selection is on your mind because you know there will be little ones knocking on your door in a few short weeks, and we’re sure you want to select something that is half-way good for them.

Don’t worry – you don’t have to be the house that hands out raisins. In fact, please don’t hand out raisins because they are very hard to clean from teeth!

Let’s spend some time talking about your options for fun Halloween treats!

Choose a Fun & Safe Halloween Treat

Most people want the kids to enjoy stopping by their home, so they want to select things the kids will love. There are a lot of ways to be the favorite house while still being careful. And no, we aren’t going to tell you to not buy candy! We are going to encourage you to keep these general guidelines in mind.

    1. Avoid anything that’s very sticky. We mentioned raisins earlier, but other chewy fruit candy, taffy, or caramels will fall in this category. Sticky candy tends to get stuck (shocking, we know) in all of the wrong places. The deep crevices of a child’s teeth are very difficult to get clean, so sticky candy is going to sit there for quite a while, which means an increased risk of a cavity.
    2. Avoid anything that is very hard. It’s simple: hard things break teeth. Suckers, big lollipops, etc. can chip or crack a child’s tooth pretty easily, and that means an uncomfortable visit to our office for that child.
    3.  Avoid anything that takes a long time to eat. Suckers, giant tubes of sugar powder, sticks to dip into sugar powder, etc. The longer it takes to eat something, the longer the teeth are exposed to the sugar and the higher the risk of decay.



So you may be thinking, “What’s left?” Here are some excellent (and fun) choices to pass out on Halloween night:

  • Chocolate – It doesn’t take long to eat, it rinses off of teeth fairly easily, and kids love it. Chocolate is a winner on Halloween night!
  • Sugar-Free Gum – Kids love gum, and they won’t even know it’s sugar-free. It’s a perfect treat for older kids.
  • Water Bottles – Kids get THIRSTY when they’re walking around all night. A bottle of water will be the first treat they reach for! If you’re crafty, make it more festive by turning the bottle into a mummy or pumpkin!
  • Glow Sticks – What kid doesn’t love a good glow stick? Plus, parents can immediately put it on their kids’ costume for added safety while they are walking around in the dark. Win win!
  • Noise Makers – The parents may not love this one, but the kids will! A fun little noise maker is something the child will definitely enjoy for weeks to come.




As you can see, Halloween night doesn’t have to result in a trip to our office. You can have fun passing out treats without feeling guilty about what you are handing kids. Call our office at 254-400-2868 to learn more about our family dentistry program.

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