Protect Your Smile With Regular Dental Checkups Every 6 Months [blog]

Preventative Orthodontics For Kids 2 in Waco, TX by Dr. Michael Thrasher of Hillcrest Dental Care

Getting regular dental checkups twice a year is one of the key building blocks of achieving and maintaining a healthy smile. And there’s no better place for awesome dental care than in our Waco, TX dentist office! Dr. Thrasher and the entire team of Hillcrest Dental Care will go out of our way to give you a wonderful dental experience.

Taking care of your smile is simple. Just call us today at 254-400-2868 to schedule your next dental checkup. Or you can use our handy online form to contact us. Let us help you keep smiling!

Uncover Hidden Problems While They’re Still Small

You may be saying to yourself something like, “But my teeth are OK. They look fine, so I don’t really need to go to the dentist that often do I?”

Many of our patients have had that same approach to dental care before coming in to see us. However, Dr. Thrasher and our staff love to educate our patients about the proper way to keep their mouths and teeth in good health.

That’s why we always take time to explain why you should visit us every six months for checkups – this interval gives us the opportunity to catch small dental problems before they turn into much bigger headaches for you.

Our dental cleanings and exams usually last for about an hour-and-a-half! One reason our appointments are longer than many other dentist offices is because our exam is so thorough. During your checkup we will:

  • Take a set of digital X-rays for a detailed look at your teeth and bone structure.
  • Perform an oral cancer screening using the ViziLite system to look for early signs of cancerous cells.
  • Check for tooth decay with the DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection system.
  • Perform a thorough exam of your teeth, gums, and mouth to look for any early signs of trouble.

As you can see, at Hillcrest Dental Care we won’t just plop you down in a chair, look over your mouth for a couple of minutes, then call you good to go. We carefully and methodically inspect for any types of oral problems that can potentially cause you trouble down the road.

We will then share the results of your exam with you so you can make informed decisions about how best to care for your smile.

If you put off regular dental visits, you increase your risk of developing oral health problems that could ultimately do harm to your teeth and your smile. Coming to our dentist office every six months helps us protect your valuable smile.

However, if you’re a smoker, diabetic, have a weak immune system, or have a history of problems such as gum disease, you may need to schedule regular dental visits more often. After your first appointment with us, we can advise you on the optimum visit interval to keep your mouth healthy and your smile clean and bright.

Walk Out of Our Office With Sparkling Clean Teeth

You can expect to get a complete teeth cleaning during your checkup. Our skilled dental hygienist will carefully clean all signs of plaque and tartar from your teeth and at the gumline. Plus, we will pay close attention to areas you might miss at home, like your back teeth and in between your teeth.

A thorough teeth cleaning is important to your overall oral health. Bacteria left on your teeth can cause plaque, which can harden and form tartar. Left alone, tartar can develop into gum disease, which requires additional treatment (and expense) to eliminate.

A complete teeth cleaning will also help remove stains that normal brushing can’t. Coffee, tobacco, wine, and other foods and beverages can all give your smile a dull, yellow or gray appearance over time. However, teeth whitening may be required to restore your smile if your teeth are badly stained.

Establish Good Oral Hygiene Habits With Your Kids

If you’re a parent, take advantage of our family dentistry services. Get your kids started on the right path to healthy, white smiles – make sure they come in for checkups twice each year.

We love kids and we love educating them on good smile habits that will pay off for them over the years. Start them out early with regular dentist appointments and they will be much more likely keep up with their routine visits as they get older and eventually fly the nest.

Plus, since we offer so many different types of dental services under our one roof, you can have one dentist for the entire family. You will save time and expense by not driving all around town to different dentists!

Take care of your beautiful smile with regular dental checkups every six months! Call our experienced dental team today for your next appointment: 254-400-2868. You can also use our convenient online form to schedule. Don’t put your smile at risk!

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