A Stronger Smile With Dental Veneers [VIDEO]

Veneers 1 in Waco, TX by Dr. Michael Thrasher of Hillcrest Dental Care

Maegan had weak teeth all her life, and as a result, she had lots of problems with her smile. When your teeth are weak, they’re more prone to decay and damage.

So, Maegan sought the help of Dr. Thrasher at Hillcrest Dental Care, and she heeded his suggestion that she improve the health and appearance of her teeth with custom dental veneers.

“My teeth feel so much stronger, and I didn’t realize that they didn’t before that,” she said. “The veneers just really … I love how they look. I love how they feel.”

Watch this video to learn more about Maegan’s experience in our Waco, TX office. Then, come experience extraordinary cosmetic and restorative dentistry! Call us at 254-400-2868 to schedule an appointment.

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