Feel Confident In Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

Whether you are giving a presentation to a boardroom of CEOs or simply picking the kids up from swim lessons, you deserve to feel confident when you smile and not embarrassed to smile. Cosmetic dentistry from Dr. Thrasher of Hillcrest Dental Care can transform your life. Schedule a visit to our Waco, TX office right now.

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Call our office in Waco, TX at 254-400-2868 to begin planning your new smile and stop you from being embarrassed to smile.

Benefit From Creative Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is like creating art. Dr. Thrasher, our Waco, TX dentist, is going to look at your natural canvas and use it to create something stunning. He might do this with one or several of the following options:

  • Dental Veneers
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Tooth Bonding
  • Tooth Contouring/Crown Lengthening
  • Gummy Smile Treatment

While each smile is unique, the end result is the same: confidence. You may not even realize how often you hide your teeth now, but once your cosmetic dentistry is complete, everyone will notice the new and improved you!

Trust Dr. Thrasher’s Experience

Dr. Thrasher knows what it’s like to be embarrassed to smile. He had buck teeth as a child and went through extensive dental work as a teen to get a smile he felt proud to show. It was this experience that began Dr. Thrasher’s journey into dentistry. He wanted to help patients the way his dentist had helped him.

Since then, Dr. Thrasher has trained in the art (and science) of cosmetic dentistry through training at the Panky Institute and Dawson Institute. He has even completed training at the Las Vegas Institute for Cosmetic Dentistry! And it is all to benefit you – to help you get the smile you deserve.

Begin Your New Smile Journey Today

It’s time to end the embarrassment. Walk confidently into your board meeting, or join the other parents with a warm smile in place. We have the tools to help. All it takes is a phone call to get the process started. Set up an initial consultation with Dr. Thrasher where you can discuss what you’d like to see happen with your smile.

Let’s build a smile makeover plan together and stop you from being embarrassed to smile. Call 254-400-2868 now or contact us using our convenient online form. There’s no better time to achieve your smile dreams, and there’s no better place to begin than Hillcrest Dental Care.

Dr. Michael Thrasher of Hillcrest Dental Care is indeed one of the trusted Waco, TX dentists because he has a lot of memberships and credentials, and of the associations that he belongs to is in Texas Dental Association.

Video: Dr. Michael Thrasher Helps Patients Who are Embarrassed To Smile

If you are embarrassed to smile and looking for a dentist who can help you solve the cause of your smile embarrassment, Dr. Michael Thrasher of Hillcrest Dental Care in Waco, TX could help you overcome whatever dental issues you are experiencing. At Hillcrest Dental Care, we have a wide range of dental services and procedures for your dental needs. You can always count on Dr. Michael Thrasher and the whole team to help you overcome your smile embarrassment. Go to our website: to know more! You may also contact us at 254-400-2868 to schedule an appointment today, or use our online form on our website! Like and Follow us on: Facebook: Google+: And don't forget to subscribe to Hillcrest Dental Care's YouTube Channel to watch more of our videos!