I was very uncomfortable with my smile. Before I had braces for years and didn’t wear my retainers afterwards, so they all shifted back, and was just uncomfortable with the way my smile was, the way my teeth were, and so got the veneers done. I got six. Six veneers. My upper front teeth. I guess when you have your full smile, those are the teeth that you can see, so he does all six of them and so you’re not uncomfortable with, “Yes, I have my four front teeth that look great, but then those other two in the back you can see.” But he’s very aware of, cosmetically, how it will look, so he did all six because my smile is more broad.

They just make you feel better about yourself. It is definitely a confidence thing. People talk to you, and that’s the first thing you see, is somebody’s smile, somebody’s teeth. I mean, it is for me anyway, so it just makes it easier, I think. Definitely smiling more. In fact, one of the girls who works here had commented on that the other day. She was like, “You know, I see you and it’s more of a genuine smile now. It’s all the time as opposed to just the like … smile in passing that not really showing your teeth.”

And it’s a lot easier to talk to patients. It’s a lot easier to tell the patients about my sedation experience. I had no idea before, I’d never been sedated, and doing my veneers, I was sedated for that, and it was awesome. And so now patients come in and ask, you know, “Well” … you know, they’re a little hesitant about sedation and not knowing, and I was like, “You’re going to love it. It’s great. It’s so comfortable. You go in, you have all … everything done that you need to have done, and you don’t remember any of it. It’s great.”