Well, I didn’t really actually like to come here, I kind of just needed it done, and I was pretty … stronghold on my life that was holding me down, and I kinda just came in and they just took care of me right off the bat.

It was amazing to just even … to walk out of there, the first surgery and have the temporary ones, those were even amazing. I was excited about those. And then when I got the real ones, it was just like, it was pretty … it was a blessing. Something I’ve been praying for for a long time.

So, what they did is they went in and they put four crowns in my four front teeth and it was very painless. And then I woke up and I was already done and I was like, “Wow, that’s amazing.”

Honestly, it was a pretty good surgery, I thought. Again, definitely sedation. Able to eat from my front teeth and I don’t got to chew on the side. It’s amazing, like I could eat whatever I want now and have no worries. The pain is gone completely. I’m now just having a good time smiling. It’s a lot easier to smile.

I hid my smile for about four or five years. But yeah, I love it. Thrasher is amazing. The people work here? They are awesome. They treat you like family every time you come in, and they get right on top of things. They go for it and they take care of it quick and it’s amazing. I mean, it’s everything I prayed for, so.