I ended up getting veneers because my teeth were just weak and I was having so many problems with them. He had said that if I didn’t get veneers they were probably going to have to put crowns or something on a lot of my teeth. I only have them on the six top and the six bottom. After looking at all the options we just decided that that was the best thing to do. It would protect my teeth and it would just make them look so much better. Now my sensitivity is so much better. I’ve had problems with it for years and years. All that stuff’s really helped and things are now worked out where it’s not really even a problem at all anymore.

I get a lot more compliments on my teeth. I never had a real issue with how my smile looked before as far as the front goes. They feel stronger. My teeth feel so much stronger and I didn’t realize that they didn’t before that. The veneers just really … I love how they look. I love how they feel. Even with my temporaries that I … The temporary veneers I got, I went and still decided after getting them that I wanted to change it before I got my permanents. They really made sure that I had exactly what I wanted and whatever they could do to show me before I got the final products.

One of the great thing is though that when he does crowns or even the veneers and occasionally other things, he does knock me out. It’s called conscious sedation, which I basically take pills and I’m asleep during most of the procedure if not all of it. That way when he does the crowns and even with my sensitivity, even though it’s gotten better over time, the sedation just takes care of where he can do the crowns and stuff, and get things done without me having to be so stressed out about it and just anxious, because obviously it’s not fun to have dental work. That’s not a secret. One of the things that did draw me to his practice was the sedation, ’cause it makes a huge difference.