Our Patient Testimonials Prove Our Devotion To Quality & Comfortable Dentistry

We’re lucky enough to have patients contribute their experiences here at Hillcrest Dental Care. Dr. Thrasher and our entire team make daily efforts to ensure each patient is treated with compassion and afforded the highest level of comfort, no matter what their visit entails.

Seeing patients leave our office happier with their smiles is wonderful. Watching them happily walk back through our door for checkups is just as great.

Call 254-400-2868 to experience the same quality of care at our Waco, TX dentist office. We can also be reached through our online form. If you have any questions after checking out the testimonials below, we’re happy to answer them!


Well, I didn't really actually like to come here, I kind of just needed it done, and I was pretty ... stronghold on my life that was holding me down, and I kinda just came in and they just took care of me right off the bat. It was amazing to just even ... to walk out of there, the first surgery and have the temporary ones, those were even amazing. I was excited about those. And then when I ...

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I was very uncomfortable with my smile. Before I had braces for years and didn't wear my retainers afterwards, so they all shifted back, and was just uncomfortable with the way my smile was, the way my teeth were, and so got the veneers done. I got six. Six veneers. My upper front teeth. I guess when you have your full smile, those are the teeth that you can see, so he does all six of them and so ...

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I ended up getting veneers because my teeth were just weak and I was having so many problems with them. He had said that if I didn't get veneers they were probably going to have to put crowns or something on a lot of my teeth. I only have them on the six top and the six bottom. After looking at all the options we just decided that that was the best thing to do. It would protect my teeth and it ...

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I basically let my teeth completely go. No work done in over 20 years. Aged, they wore down. I had teeth that were bad, instead of having them fixed, I had them pulled, so I was missing teeth. Then I had a lot of crown work done 20, 25 years ago, and that started coming apart on me. I felt like, I had to do something. I was just losing my teeth. I figured, when I came, that okay, I'm probably a ...

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