Sedation Dentistry in Waco TX: Key Things to Know

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Sedation Dentistry in Waco TX: Key Things to Know

Mar 01, 2020

You are not alone if your fear of visiting a dentist, regardless of how mild or severe it is. Did you know that 75% of American people experience some level of dental phobia?

Sedation dentistry offers an excellent solution for patients suffering from it. Here are key things that you need to know about it.

What Does Sedation Dentistry Include?

In sedation dentistry, an experienced sedation dentist in Waco TX uses different medicines to get rid of anxiety and pain during dental procedures.

In most cases, patients will get sedated, but stay awake and relaxed. This makes the dental process much easier for both patients as well as the dentist.

There are diverse levels of sedation depending on the procedure and anxiety level of the patient:

  • Minimal – In this sedation, the patient stays fully awake and relaxed
  • Moderate – Patient is conscious but a bit a little bit sleepy
  • Deep – Patient is at the extremity of consciousness and might not remember what happened during the procedure
  • General anesthesia – Patient is fully unconscious


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Common Sedation Medicines Used

Here are the most common dental sedatives used by dentists:

1. Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide sedation is excellent for the patients who require sedation during a process but are having a simple or short dental treatment done.

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) places the patient into a calm state and offers anesthetic effects too.

This type of sedation is breathed in via a nasal mask or tube and doesn’t knock out the patient. This allows you to stay aware and awake during the appointment.

However, the effects fade off fast. Thus, it is suitable if you plan to schedule an appointment with the dentist alone. You experience a sense of euphoria and reduced anxiety in the end.

Remember, Nitrous oxide can also be used with oral conscious sedation if the dentist feels both are suitable for the patient and the process.

2. Oral Conscious

Oral conscious is a needle-less alternative administered in the form of a pill. This creates a more restful and deep state than nitrous oxide.

3. IV Sedatives

An IV sedative is received through the vein via injection. Also, the level of sedation can differ from deep to general anesthesia when a patient is sound asleep.

It allows help dentists to control the level of sedation in patients. This places them in diverse stages of consciousness.

Do You Require Sedation Dentistry?

If you are experiencing the following signs, then it’s time to consider sedation.

  • Full-blown phobia
  • Bad experiences with dental procedures
  • Increased dental anxiety
  • Soreness in mouth
  • Embarrassed about your teeth
  • Extremely sensitive oral nerves
  • Poor flexibility to pain
  • General anxiety disorder
  • Allergy or resistance to local anesthetic


1. Sedation Dentistry is 100% Safe

Most of the people think if sedation dentistry is safe or not, especially if they fear dental treatment.

Remember, it is 100% safe, mainly when performed by the savvy experts in a controlled environment.

2. Sedation Dentistry is Comfortable

A sedation dentist in Waco makes the use of the most advanced treatments and sedation options.

Another major advantage of the procedure is that sedation makes you feel that your appointment lasted for a much short duration.

This makes you feel relaxed and comfortable during the dental procedure, thereby giving you a beautiful smile fast.

3. Painless

Most of the patients fear the use of injections or needles during the treatment. Since sedation does not involve the use of IV needles, therefore it is perfect for those that hate pain.

4. Best for Complex Procedures

This kind of dentistry is recommended for complex dental procedures like implant placement, major smile makeovers or other dental restoration processes. This leads to fewer patient visits and more time saving.

5. Boost Self Confidence

Dental phobia is a serious issue that affects tons of people. Thus, the best way to guard your oral health and overall well-being is to find top-notch sedation dentistry near you.

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Moreover, if your dental fear comes from bad dental experiences in the past, Waco sedation dentist will do everything to make you feel uplifted and positive. This automatically boosts your self-confidence.

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Sedation dentistry Texas can make your next dental visit a positive move on your journey to good oral health. Schedule an appointment today for the best sedation dentistry services and find out if you are a right candidate.

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