Dental Implants in Waco, TX

Feel Like Your Natural Smile Is Back Intact With Dental Implants

Dental implants will:

  • Provide you with a full, natural-looking smile
  • Allow you to eat foods that can benefit your health, such as apples and nuts
  • Improve your digestion process since you can properly chew any foods
  • Strengthen your jawbone by retaining its bone mass, which can be lost when missing teeth
  • Eliminate the worry of dealing with slippery or uncomfortable dentures

Replacing missing teeth is a must when it comes to your oral health and overall health. To keep you and your mouth in great shape, Dr. Thrasher offers dental implants at Hillcrest Dental Care in Waco, TX. Dental implants even make it possible for you to have a new smile in just one day!

Call 254-753-0313 to schedule an appointment at our Waco, TX office and talk with Dr. Thrasher about your long-term tooth replacement options.

Deciding Which Dental Implants Are Best For You

Hillcrest Dental Care provides dental implant solutions to treat all manner of smiles, even if you’re missing all your teeth. Dr. Thrasher works with a trusted oral surgeon who will place your implants, and then Dr. Thrasher will restore them with natural-looking replacement teeth. Our Waco, TX office options include:

  • Single Implants – A single dental implant and dental crown is used to replace one missing tooth, which will improve the health and look of your smile
  • All-on-4® or All-on-6 Implants – Depending on the condition of your mouth, we can secure a full arch of teeth in your upper or lower jaw by attaching them to just four or six implants
  • Mini Dental Implants – These smaller implants can be used if you don’t have enough strength in your jawbone to support traditional implants
  • Same-Day Smile – We work closely with the oral surgeon to provide your implants and temporary replacement teeth the same day you have any teeth extracted
  • Implant-Supported and Implant-Retained Dentures – We create custom, great-looking dentures that attach firmly to your implants for a dependably strong bite

Providing Your Dental Implants With No Pain

Dental implants are replacement tooth roots. These synthetic replacements are surgically placed into your jawbone. The implants naturally bond to your jawbone to provide the strongest possible anchor for replacement teeth that can last for decades.

We’ll make your experience as easy as possible with our relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. Our office is very clean but also very cozy! Our staff will make sure you have anything you need to make you feel 100 percent at ease, including pillows and blankets while you rest in our massage chairs, as well as sedation if needed. We also offer payment options to help ease any financial concerns you may have.

At Hillcrest Dental Care, you have everything to gain and nothing to fear from receiving your new smile. Call 254-753-0313 to schedule your dental implant consultation with Dr. Thrasher. We can also be reached through our online form. Your journey to a fully restored smile starts with just a click or a call!

Dr. Michael Thrasher of Hillcrest Dental Care is indeed one of the most trusted Waco, TX dentists. He is a member of the Texas Dental Association and is always looking for ways to improve the practice so that patients receive the best care possible.