Tooth Extractions in Waco, TX

Tooth Removal For Pain-Free Days And A Healthier Smile

Sometimes it’s better for your smile and overall health to have a damaged tooth removed or extracted. At Hillcrest Dental Care in Waco, TX, Dr. Thrasher will always do his best to save your natural teeth, but he will gently remove them if necessary with tooth removal & extractions procedure.

Removing a troublesome tooth can:

  • Eliminate dental pain you’re experiencing
  • Benefit your gums and other teeth
  • Allow you to enjoy a fully functioning smile with a replacement tooth or full set of replacement teeth

Whether you’ve suffered an injury, are dealing with decay, or just need to make room for dental restorations, Dr. Thrasher will ensure your comfort during any tooth removal or extraction procedure.

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Keeping You Free Of Pain & Stress During Tooth Extractions

Let’s set your mind at ease right away. No matter why you need to have a tooth removed, Dr. Thrasher will make the process as beneficial and comfortable as possible.

Dr. Thrasher, our Waco, TX dentist, is an expert at providing dental sedation, which is safe for children and adults alike. He has been offering sedation for over 20 years to our patients, and he knows which kind will best help you while you’re in our chair.

We provide:

  • Inhaled sedation, or “relaxing air,” which is inhaled and immediately soothes your nerves
  • Oral conscious sedation, which is taken in pill form and allows you to stay awake but feels no stress or discomfort

Benefiting From Tooth Removals/Extractions

You may have irreparable damage to a tooth due to decay or an accident. If Dr. Thrasher of Hillcrest Dental Care cannot save your tooth, he will apply a local anesthetic to fully numb your mouth. If needed, he will administer the best sedation option for you.

Once the tooth is removed, you will have the option of replacing it with dental implants, dentures, or a dental bridge.

You may also need to have wisdom teeth removed to improve your health and prevent dental pain. Dr. Thrasher will gently remove these as well or refer you to a trusted oral surgeon if you have impacted wisdom teeth.

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Dr. Michael Thrasher of Hillcrest Dental Care is indeed one of the most trusted Waco, TX dentists. He is a member of the Texas Dental Association and is always looking for ways to improve the practice so that patients receive the best care possible.

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